Monday, September 20, 2010

week 1

What is Love?

Many people had different answers to this question today in class. I thought many were very pessemistic and I wonder what happened to the fairy tale idea of love?? My own personal definition is hard to explain and define. Love is formed by personal experiences and is expressed by devotion, respect and honesty.

Fatal Attraction vs. Anchor Man

The gender roles in both movies are very different. In Fatal Attraction the wife is the "American" woman. She's a devoted wife, mother, and homemaker. She is living in a fairy tale world while her husband, the rich, successful "All-American" man cheats on her. To me the monster in the this movie is sex.

Anchor man's gemder roles are the successful man and the successful female, yet the monster in the movie is sterotypes and sexism. The man doesn't believe the woman can succeed as an anchor woman. The idea of the glass ceiling!!!

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