Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Seinfield Group Response

My favorite assignment all semester had to be the group project! I loved my team members and for the first time EVER, I was included in a group that where everyone carried their own weight. Although I didn't speak much during the presentation (my fear of public speaking is horrible!)I, like the rest of my group, participated in almost every aspect of the project. We all decided to split up the project into several different parts and then split into teams of two to research and study up on each section. My expertise was in the conclusion area. We wanted to present Seinfield as the "other" in a normal/traditional society. In order to do so, we used the bizarro episode, where Elaine finds a different group of friends that seem to except her in the beginning but soon realize that she doesn't truly fit into their group. Here's the clip below:

Bcause Elaine was apart of the "other" she couldn't fit into a regular group, yet she fit comfortably with the "other" group (Jerry, Kramer). Within the closing argument of the presentation I also contributed to located specific passages from the Barker book. We decided to use the section on realism vs. melodrama to try to catgeorize Seinfield in a specifc group. I also had discussion questions for our group to pose to the class.

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